"That girl who has been crying all alone all this time.

Ange--please save her for me.

Because my voice can't reach her..."

  --Cynthia to Bernd 

Race Ghost (formerly human)
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Green
Height 153 cm
Weight None
Status Deceased

Cyhthia is one of the main characters in the RPG game: Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout. Just like Bernd, she cares for Ange very much. It is heavily implied that she has affectionate feelings for Ange.


Cynthia Sprite

Cythia's Sprite

Cynthia is a young girl with light blonde hair and green eyes. Many people describe her as cute and pretty. She has straight bangs and her hair reaches her back, the front portion of her locks tied into braids by pink ribbons. Her attire is very similar to Ange, only having minimal changes. she wears a long-sleeved collared dress shirt with cuffs that have pink lining. around her neck is believed to be a small pink tie with yellow and green lining. Over her dress shirt, she wears a green gorset with grey lining, having gold triangular patters. Her skirt is longer than Ange's reaching her feet, it's color a dark brown with blue lining, accented with gold triangular patterns. She also wear a white apron.On her head, she dons a green kerchief, again with blue lining, with a pink flower.


Cynthia is described to be very attached to Ange and would very much like to be her bride. Though sweet to Ange, she is very mean to Bernd who she deemed weak and stubborn. She bullied him in the past, only stopping when Ange is there. Everyone thinks she has a perfect life, but she herself thinks otherwise because she was sold by her parents into a rich family. At the end of the game, however, it is shown that she was able to make up with Bernd, though they still have the occasional arguments (because of Ange mostly).


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